When contacting On-the-job®, learners and clients expect to engage in a custom and transformative learning experience.

English instructor

For professionals

On-the-job® is a Language Center specialized in English teaching to professionals : business owners, executives, employees and job seekers.

Our center is always looking for outstanding English Instructors to deliver spot-on classes to help its learners reach their goals and grow professionally.

On-the-job® was founded on the commitment to offering personalized training paths for professionals with a view to the development of more relevant and actionable English skills. Accordingly, our learners expect to meet mutually agreed objectives and achieve a significantly greater ROI.

We are here to enhance our learners’ actual work lives.

Our talented Instructors impart immediate-implementation interactive classes where the gap and latency between theory and practice of the language is constantly being narrowed. Language coaching, flipped classroom, guerilla grammar and HIIT language learning are among the approaches core to their English teaching for professionals.

If you proved to be :

  • A solution-minded and business-oriented English Instructor, knowledgeable about life in a company, corporate organizations, who can speak the ‘same language’ as their learners;
  • Someone passionate and curious about business, professional or technical English and their learners’ area of work

Please send your application to

Further details have been included hereafter.

This is an ongoing recruitment. Part-time instructor applications are accepted throughout the year.

  • Curriculum Vitae – Your most recently updated C.V.
  • Cover Letter
  • ESL Certificate
  • Must be authorized to work in France
  • Minimum 5 years of successful ESL teaching to adults, professionals
  • Experience teaching English for Specific Purposes
  • Experience teaching executive learners
  • Experience preparing students for TOEIC, LINGUASKILL, IELTS, BRIGHT
  • Current active involvement in the field (i.e., TESOL, TESOL France)
  • Experience with computer-aided instructions and learning management systems
  • Provide instruction in accordance with the established Instructional Agreement, roadmap, course outlines and class schedules
  • Session planning as cornerstone to relevant and efficient teaching
  • Gather information about learners’ working environment, position, business sector and likeliest professional communications at work
  • Instruct learners based on their pre-defined objectives and expected learning outcomes.
  • Ensure a formal follow-up to each session within 48h giving a summary of the session as well as recommended homework for the next one.
  • Maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics.
  • Smart appearance required

Depends on qualifications and experience.

Paris, Lyon & other major French cities.

Full-time, Part-time, Contract

What is your current situation in France or abroad (e.g., working visa, work permit)?

Depends on contract, clients’ needs and requirements.